The Palestinian Authority’s new chief of staff, Azzam al-Ahmad, said on Sunday that “we will not forget you” and that Palestinians are “not the enemy” of Israel.

Al-Ahad made the remarks as he met with the Palestinian Authority security council at the beginning of the month.

The Palestinian leadership had earlier condemned Israel for killing 18-year-old Yasser Abed, a soldier who was shot dead by Israeli soldiers during clashes near the West Bank city of Hebron.

Al Jazeera’s Nasser Khader, reporting from Gaza City, said: “The PA’s security council has called for an urgent meeting on the killing of a young Palestinian boy, a gesture that is likely to further escalate tensions between the two sides.”

The PA has said the killing is an act of revenge for the killing earlier this year of another Palestinian teenager, Mohammad al-Shawahra, who was killed in clashes with Israeli troops.

Al Awad said he has spoken to the young man and will meet him on Monday to discuss the incident.

Israel claims the death of the 16-year old is a murder and that he was killed after Israeli soldiers opened fire on him during clashes with Palestinians.