PHILADELPHIA — The Philippines on Monday announced a new formula for foreign exchange recruitment after a long period of delays that could lead to higher recruitment costs for foreign-educated Filipino workers.

The government said it would increase the recruitment requirements for Filipino foreign-trained workers to 30,000 from 18,000 for those who were hired by 2020.

The increase is the first step in a new recruitment plan announced last year.

The new requirements come after the Philippines’ recruitment agency, Phanar, said in January that it was planning to increase the requirement for foreign students from 50,000 to 60,000.

But the Philippines has not yet been able to meet the recruitment requirement for Filipino workers and foreign exchange students, so the government decided to raise it to 80,000 and allow the Philippines to attract foreign-skilled workers.

In an effort to boost recruitment, the Philippines will also allow foreign exchange graduates to earn 10 percent less in Philippine-based companies and 5 percent less for foreign companies.

As the Philippines tries to lure foreign workers to the country, it is also considering setting up its own recruitment agency.

While many Filipinos have become used to working overseas, the government said the new recruitment requirements would force Filipinos to choose between a living and a career abroad.