A new documentary called The Worst Spot on Earth tells the story of two Australian men who were forced to watch a horror film on their televisions, only to discover they had been watching a different horror film, only this time, it was not based on the same source.

In the wake of the recent spate of violence in London, we spoke to the creators of the film, Matthew G. McElwee and Nick O’Leary, to discuss the film’s origin, the impact it has had, and the impact on the local community.

What did you think when you first heard about the film?

We were surprised that we got the call to direct a documentary.

We had not expected that it would be about our experiences and that it might be a good opportunity to tell the story.

When we were approached by Nick O ‘Leary, he said that the documentary had the potential to change the way we think about the horror genre.

He explained that the film would be a little different, in a good way, to The Worst Night on Earth.

We were so excited and excited that he called us.

The trailer was released on February 1, and we were so happy.

What was the film like making?

It was a big project.

We filmed in Australia, and it was very different to what we were used to.

We shot the entire film in the first week.

We actually did the entire first day, which was a lot of fun.

The biggest challenge was that we had to shoot a film on location, which took us two weeks.

We would shoot in London and then travel to New York.

We ended up shooting in Chicago, which is actually close to New Orleans.

It was pretty wild, but we got it done.

How did the film come together?

We worked on the script in a hotel in London.

I was a student there, and Nick had just graduated from the university there.

We didn’t know what we would be doing.

I remember having a really bad night, and I was crying in the hotel.

Then I was thinking, “Oh my god, what am I doing?”

The script started with this horrible idea.

I’m like, “Let’s do a film about an Australian guy going to New Zealand for a month and then he goes back to Australia.”

We thought it was a bit funny.

Then it went into this world of a horror movie, and now we’re watching it on TV.

I remember we were in New York and we went to a restaurant and Nick came in and said, “There’s this new horror movie coming out.”

We were all shocked.

We thought, “Is this really happening?”

We just wanted to be able to watch it.

We weren’t sure if we wanted to make a film, or just have fun with it.

How did the production process come together in the UK?

Nick and I both lived in London for a year and a half and we did all the filming.

The first time we did the shoot, we rented a house.

It’s a house that was very small, and you have to walk up and down stairs.

It took about four hours to walk from one floor to the next.

The second time we rented the house, we moved the studio and rented a whole lot of space.

The third time we got a house, and there was a whole bunch of equipment in there.

It seemed like a lot to get.

We rented a big studio.

Then we rented another studio.

And we just thought, we need to do this, this, and this.

What we did was very much about being creative and just having fun, but there was always a certain amount of work involved.

It became really clear that this was a really fun project.

How would you describe the work environment in the production of The Worst Place on Earth?

The film is about two Australian guys who go to New England to work on the movie.

There are all these horror movies and they’re all very good.

But we never did any of them in New England.

We went to this place in London where you can shoot anything you want.

I love it.

I like being on set.

I always like having the chance to film things.

We got to do a lot, and then we ended up filming a whole other kind of thing that was based on a very old horror movie that was about a man who was really, really, crazy.

It just made me really happy.

What was the worst place you ever went to?

I went to the local school in the South East.

The school is one of the safest places I’ve ever been in my life.

The teachers are very nice, and they have this really, very positive vibe.

We even had one teacher who came over and got us lunch.

I think it was an amazing thing to see.

What kind of horror was this?

I remember when we were making The Worst Station on Earth

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