The FX spot is the portion of the currency market that is not tied to a major trading partner.

When it’s down, the FX spot falls, when it’s up, it rises.

This has happened with many currencies, from the euro to the dollar.

FX is used to track changes in the value of a currency’s value and can also help explain why prices are falling.

When the FX market is depressed, it’s typically used to gauge the price movements of foreign currencies.

When markets are high, for example, a lower currency has the benefit of lower interest rates, which in turn reduces the need for FX.

But when markets are low, the currency’s exchange rate is more important to investors.

In this case, that’s the yuan, which has appreciated about 6.8% since January.

The spot is up for a time in the weeks before Christmas when interest rates are low.

When interest rates rise, investors often put their money into the currency to hedge against falling rates.

If the market falls, that puts the dollar on a more stable footing, which tends to make currencies more valuable.

This also means that when the spot goes down, it can make some investors nervous.

This is a good time for investors to look to the currency markets as a place to hedge their risks.

But it’s a risk that could be missed when a company is losing its FX position.

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