The value of foreign exchange is closely watched around the world.

Many investors look to Vietnam as a source of international liquidity, and the country is the main exporter of foreign currency in Asia.

The value is volatile, but in the short term it has been very volatile.

The recent collapse in Vietnam’s foreign exchange reserves has left the country facing a shortage of foreign reserves and its economy struggling to recover from the financial crisis.

The collapse in its foreign exchange markets has also put pressure on other major economies, such as China and India.

Vietnam’s foreign reserves fell from US$8.5bn in August 2015 to US$2.8bn in July 2016, according to a report by the National Bank of Vietnam.

The fall in the country’s foreign currency reserves is attributed to a fall in demand for Vietnamese assets in the United States and elsewhere.

However, the foreign exchange market in Vietnam is one of the world’s biggest and has been a target of cyber attacks and other cyber attacks in recent years.

In 2017, the government banned foreign exchange transactions on a daily basis in an effort to combat the issue.

However, the ban did not last long, as the market soon recovered.

In October 2018, the authorities started allowing overseas transactions for businesses in Vietnam, but only in cases where the transaction was conducted through a Vietnamese bank account.

This restriction has led to the suspension of overseas transactions in 2018.

In a survey carried out by the Centre for International Governance Studies in April 2018, 66% of the participants said they had lost money in foreign exchange trading.

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