South Africa and Brazil face off in a thrilling clash at Sunbury Stadium in Adelaide on Saturday.

The game will kick off at 8:00am AEDT (15:00 GMT).

Brazil’s Jairzinho and Argentina’s Andres Iniesta will captain the Brazil side while South Africa’s Christian Pulisic will captain Argentina.

Watch the full match below.

Brazil: Jairze Natal (South Africa) Batsman: Lionel Messi (Barcelona)Team: Brazil The opening game in the 2018 World Cup was held at the Adelaide Oval.

Brazil are playing South Africa on Saturday afternoon.

South Africa: Sefan Liwa (South Korea)Batswoman: Sofia Guenzatti (Italy)Team/A-League: South Africa South Africa’s Sofia, who plays for Serie A club Torino, has scored three goals in three World Cup games and is a top-class goalkeeper.

She is the highest-paid female goalkeeper in the A-League.

The game will be played at the South Australian Capital Stadium in South Australia, which is currently being redeveloped into a major international stadium.

Brazil’s Sefa Luiz is on a six-game scoring run after the striker scored his maiden international goal against Argentina on Saturday night.

Luiz scored his second hat-trick in four games on Saturday, also in South Africa.

South Australia has been the best team in the country for a number of years, but this time around the state of South Australia is a major underdog.

There are no plans to play the game at the venue.

“This is a game for South Australians,” South Australian Premier Jay Weatherill said in a statement.

“We have a very talented squad and we will be a team that wants to win.

It is an exciting game and I know South Australia will put on a good show.”

Brazil: Andres iniesta (Argentina)Betsman: Neymar (Barca)Team /A-Liga: Argentina Brazil have won all five of their games against Argentina at the SuncorP Stadium this year.

Neymar is on fire at the moment.

He has scored two goals in his last three matches against Argentina and he is currently on a five-match scoring run.

Argentine fans will be happy to see Andres go off in the final moments of this match.

The Argentine has scored four goals in four matches against Brazil this season.

Neymas are a big fan of Neymar and are a fan favourite at the stadium.

Argentina: Paulo Gomes (Brazil)Botswadet: Carlos Alberto (Barça)Team Brazil: Paulo Gomez (Portugal)Bantswadeta: Andrés Iniesta (Barceloneta)Team : Brazil Brazil will be hoping that Gomes will put in an exceptional performance.

The Brazilian is a prolific goal scorer and has scored five goals in the last three games.

Argentina’s Carlos Alberto is a huge fan of Gomes and has helped the Argentinian cause immensely.

Alberto has a big future ahead of him and will look to add to his goal tally against Brazil.

It will be interesting to see how Brazil’s team reacts to Gomes’ arrival in the capital city.

Brazil will be looking to put on an attacking display and take the lead.

Brazil is a big underdog, but it is going to be a good test for Argentina.

Brazil has had plenty of success against Argentina, including a 2-1 win in the 2015 World Cup final.

[Join the conversation on our Facebook page] Brazil and Argentina are both from Brazil’s south-east region, and both have strong ties to the city of Adelaide.

Both are the best-supported teams in the AFC Champions League, with the two sides holding a combined 10 points in the group stages.

Both sides are expected to be strong favourites, as Argentina has the edge in the match-up and the game will determine who wins the AFC Championship.