When does a company lose its FX spot?

The FX spot is the portion of the currency market that is not tied to a major trading partner.When it’s down, the FX spot falls, when it’s up, it rises.This has happened with many currencies, from the euro to the dollar.FX is used to track changes in the value of a currency’s value and can […]

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Which foreign exchange broker is your best friend?

DALLAS, Texas — It is not easy to find the right foreign exchange rates to cover your daily spending.You will have to choose between the big banks, which will charge higher rates, and the big credit card companies, which are also charging higher rates.And if you are the type of investor who enjoys getting rich […]

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Why you should never trust the foreign exchange markets

Foreign exchange services and financial products are widely seen as the world’s best hedge against the volatility of the US dollar.In many cases, you can’t rely on them to help you save for a rainy day, so you need to be able to hedge your exposure to the dollar.That’s why a recent report from Credit […]

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