How to Avoid Foreign Exchange Scams

A few weeks ago, I took a trip to a local Walmart, where I saw a cashier, wearing a mask, trying to make sure I wasn’t going to make too much money by using my debit card to buy foreign exchange.I was confused as to why a store would want to do this.Walmart is a […]

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Which U.S. companies hire foreign workers? | Axios

AUSTIN, Texas — — The labor market is getting harder for companies to find.A number of factors have contributed to that, but it also includes a shortage of skilled workers and a slow recovery in wages and benefits, said Chris Zablocki, senior economist at The Zablocks.“That’s why companies are looking for ways to diversify their […]

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PHILADELPHIA — The Philippines on Monday announced a new formula for foreign exchange recruitment after a long period of delays that could lead to higher recruitment costs for foreign-educated Filipino workers.The government said it would increase the recruitment requirements for Filipino foreign-trained workers to 30,000 from 18,000 for those who were hired by 2020.The increase […]

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The New York Times: “The Real Estate Bubble”

New York Magazine’s Tom Friedman explains why there’s no evidence that the global real estate market is in a bubble. It’s not as if the world’s richest people are buying up lots of land and apartments. They’re just sitting there buying up land.The biggest housing bubble in history, it’s just that there’s a shortage of housing.The real […]

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Bitcoin price crashes after a major foreign exchange hack

Bitcoin’s value has been hit hard this week after a significant hack by a group of hackers.The hack has hit the cryptocurrency’s value down to $2,977, down from a high of over $5,000 a day ago.The exchange hack was first reported by CoinDesk.The hackers used the stolen bitcoin addresses to buy drugs and other illegal […]

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