Canada’s Keldysh Trade Promotion Authority: Canada’s foreign exchange and oil trade policies are the same

Canada’s Trade Promotion and Investment Agency (TPA) is getting a lot of attention for its new foreign exchange policy.But it’s really not about that at all.Trade Promotion is about promoting exports and helping the economy grow.That’s the central premise behind Trade Promotion, and it’s one of the key pillars of the Trudeau government’s strategy to […]

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How to save money abroad: What to know about the foreign exchange market

In 2014, Australia was one of the countries to take advantage of a global boom in foreign exchange markets.The boom helped Australia reduce its foreign exchange deficit by more than $6.4 billion, a large portion of which was attributable to a surge in the value of the Australian dollar.But in recent years, interest rates on […]

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Why is the government’s new foreign exchange shifter a disaster?

It’s been a little over a year since the Bank of England announced the launch of the foreign exchange trading mechanism (FEAT), a move designed to help the country’s banks withstand shocks and the economic impact of the Brexit vote.The scheme, which has been criticised for being too reliant on central bank policy, is set […]

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