Trump’s foreign exchange strategy is foreign exchange metropolitics

President Donald Trump is taking steps to reshape U.S. foreign exchange trading strategy, according to people familiar with the plan.Trump is proposing a foreign exchange-driven strategy that would allow him to sell more foreign currency to foreign governments, according an outline provided to lawmakers.Trump’s new strategy, first reported by The Hill, is meant to counter […]

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Foreign exchange converter from Australia, which is now in Fiji

Foreign exchange converters are not always a good thing.But they are very popular these days.For instance, Aboki, a company based in Sydney, is currently offering a foreign exchange converter to the Australian market, and it’s the same company that recently took over the business of converting Australian dollars into Fiji dollars.The Convergence Exchange Converter allows […]

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Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg to start new venture investing in local restaurant startup

NEW YORK — Former New Jersey Gov.Michael Bloomberg said he is looking at starting a local restaurant venture.Bloomberg’s new venture investment will be a restaurant incubator, Bloomberg announced on Twitter.He will be the co-founder and managing partner of New York’s first new restaurant venture in nearly two decades.The startup, New York Culinary Institute, is a […]

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How to get the best foreign exchange rates from a broker

Foreign exchange brokerage, such as foreign exchange manager, is a great way to get prices that are competitive with the international exchange market.You can use it to buy, sell, or trade any type of foreign currency.If you are unfamiliar with foreign exchange, here is a quick primer on how it works.The key to foreign exchange […]

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China wants to boost exports to Asia but can’t afford the risks

China is struggling to boost its exports to countries such as the Philippines and Vietnam amid a weakening yuan, a key Chinese demand.But there is no guarantee the new foreign exchange rate will boost growth in the world’s second-largest economy, and analysts say there is a danger China will not be able to absorb the […]

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