How to buy a home in Auckland: A guide

Fox News reporter Daniel Boeselhaus is on the ground in Auckland today.He reports from the city where he’s living in the past two weeks.In the lead up to the election, the city had been rocked by the coronavirus pandemic and the closure of all public transport.The city has since reopened.Boeselaus said the city’s recovery has […]

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How to avoid a ‘bad’ exchange rate exchange rate in 2018

A bad exchange rate is a currency’s difference between the dollar’s value and its official exchange rate.It can happen when the dollar is worth more than the official rate, when a company or a government decides to charge more than its official rate in an attempt to cover its expenses, or when there are delays […]

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The Canadian dollar falls to $1.871 US on weak exports

BERMUDA (AP) The Canadian currency has dropped to a new low against the U.S. dollar after Canadian producers raised their export prices to help fend off a slowdown in demand.The Toronto Stock Exchange said Wednesday that the Canadian dollar had fallen by about 1.8 cents to $US1.81 US, below the 1-cent drop forecast on Wednesday.The […]

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US says $4bn of cash seized by Indonesia was transferred to Iran

Indonesian police said on Tuesday that a large amount of cash that was seized by the US authorities in Indonesia’s capital had been transferred to Tehran via a bank account.The Indonesian authorities had asked the US to return the money in cash, but the US said the money was not on their radar.The US was […]

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