India to ban foreign exchange traders on January 31

India on Wednesday imposed a ban on foreign exchange dealers for the first time in three years after the Reserve Bank of India cut interest rates and raised its benchmark interest rate.The RBI said foreign exchange trades would be suspended in a “pro-active manner”.The move follows a spike in currency trading in January, when traders […]

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How to use the foreign exchange calculator

A currency calculator lets you calculate how much money you can make or lose in foreign exchange rates.Read more about the foreign currency calculator.Find out how much you can earn, lose and spend abroad with the Foreign Exchange Calculator.Foreign exchange calculator Where to buy and sell foreign exchange and how much to spend Your money […]

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Why the Chinese yuan is under pressure

China’s foreign exchange market has been under a huge squeeze since mid-March, when the People’s Bank of China cut its benchmark rate to 6% to protect the economy from a slowing global economy.On Tuesday, China’s central bank said it had cut its overnight lending rate to 8% for the first time since the global financial […]

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