How to change the currency rate in Switzerland

Switzerland has changed its currency rate to 0.00787, bringing the country closer to parity with the U.S. and other major currencies.But there are still some important caveats.First, the change doesn’t apply to the franc, which is currently pegged to the euro, or to the U and the pound, which are not pegged to each other.Instead, […]

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Which movie is your favorite foreign exchange movie?

The movie theater in Tokyo was buzzing last night after an official at the venue posted the official score of the movie “The Best Foreign Exchange Movie Ever.”The official score was the best foreign exchange score in history, according to the score posted by the Tokyo theater.The movie, starring the Australian actress Jennifer Lawrence, was […]

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How to manage a foreign nanny account

The idea of using a foreign exchange nanny service in Sweden may sound a little strange.But if you follow the Swedish news, you might find yourself hearing a lot of people talking about it lately.Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven is currently pushing the government to expand foreign exchange swedish nanny services to other European countries.He […]

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How to move your money abroad with a foreign nannies

Foreign exchange rate swaps are a big thing.The U.S. dollar’s value fluctuates, but it remains a major driver of the global economy.For foreign nandies, the value of their exchange rate swap contracts is often enough to cover the cost of a night’s stay in a foreign country.But the problem with this is that it requires […]

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