Japan’s economy to grow by 2.3% in Q3, up 0.6% from Q2

Japan’s gross domestic product (GDP) in the third quarter of this year was up by 1.3%, or 0.8%, on the same period last year.That’s a 1.6%.That is, it is faster than the 1.1% growth in the first quarter.The pace of economic growth will be boosted by the government’s plan to reduce subsidies and cut interest […]

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FIFA president urges players to wear foreign flags

FIFA president Gianni Infantino said on Tuesday that the game of soccer needs to be seen in the wider context of the global economy, saying it needs to reflect the world around it.Infantino’s comments come as soccer players worldwide are protesting against the proposed ban on the use of foreign currencies for foreign exchange by […]

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Which foreign exchange brokers are your friends and enemies?

Foreign exchange brokers in the United States are among the best known foreign exchange businesses, but the brokers are also among the most influential.They are key players in the foreign exchange industry, providing services and buying or selling foreign exchange futures contracts.Many brokers also work with international banks and hedge funds.Foreign exchange firms also trade […]

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