What’s the difference between foreign exchange and yen?

The difference between yen and foreign exchange is not the amount of money you hold, it’s the way you hold it.That’s because foreign exchange changes depending on what you’re buying and selling.A dollar is worth more than a yen, but a euro is worth less than a dollar.This is because a currency has a fixed […]

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Which U.S. companies hire foreign workers? | Axios

AUSTIN, Texas — — The labor market is getting harder for companies to find.A number of factors have contributed to that, but it also includes a shortage of skilled workers and a slow recovery in wages and benefits, said Chris Zablocki, senior economist at The Zablocks.“That’s why companies are looking for ways to diversify their […]

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New York real estate bubble shows no signs of slowing

Foreign exchange and investment are surging in New York, and investors are buying homes and apartments, but there’s no sign of a housing bubble.Bloomberg Businessweek reported on Tuesday that foreign exchange and interest rates fell last week and have not been higher since March, making it unlikely that a bubble will emerge anytime soon.The benchmark […]

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How to get foreign exchange in a hurry

A couple weeks ago, the U.S. Foreign Exchange Commission announced that they would begin enforcing new rules to increase transparency and transparency of foreign exchange transactions.This is good news for all foreigners buying and selling foreign currency, because now the FEC is going to start enforcing new reporting requirements for foreign exchange activity.Foreign exchange is […]

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