Japan says it’s ready to open up exchange rates for US dollar to US yen

Japanese officials have said they are ready to adjust the exchange rate between the US dollar and yen, and even to open a direct dollar-yen trade.The country has a long history of being a big exporter of dollars, but the yen has been a relatively strong currency for decades and Japan’s foreign exchange reserves have […]

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Japan’s foreign exchange market could grow by another 20% this year

Japanese exporters have warned the economy is slowing down in the wake of a sharp drop in global demand and an oversupply of dollars.Japan’s economy shrank by 0.3 per cent in the March quarter to 3.45tn yen, the worst annual drop since the financial crisis.The country has been in recession since 2012 and has struggled […]

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When a company is ‘too big to fail’ and the government has to step in

A foreign exchange exchange company that collapsed and went into receivership in the US last year is being used as a case study for how the government can use the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) to help firms when they become too big to be bailed out.A spokesman for the Australian Securities and Investments Commission […]

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How to buy foreign currency in Japan

Foreign currency trading is still very much a new phenomenon in Japan.The country has an economy that’s barely grown in half a century, and foreign currency markets are the only place where you can make money.To make money, you need to be willing to pay a premium for foreign currency.For a Japanese consumer, that premium […]

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How to find the best foreign exchange student in your area

Student exchange students can be the most attractive students you’ll find.And they can also be the cheapest, so why not look into finding the best students in your local area.Here are the top 3 most attractive foreign exchange students in the world.1.US student exchange students are more expensive than foreign students, according to research from […]

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