How to Find the Perfect Summer Foreign Exchange Girl

Foreign exchange girls are always a must for any backpacker, but the ideal one is often a different color, or the one you are carrying with you.Here are the tips you need to know before choosing one.1.Choose a Size and ColorYou can find foreign exchange girls in many colors and sizes.But which one suits you […]

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Britney Spears has a thing for the West Bank

A UK singer has a habit of singing about the West Banks.Britney Spears, a British singer, has a fondness for the area.In a video posted online, Spears sings the theme to a popular music song about the Palestinians and Israeli occupation of the West bank and East Jerusalem, which is home to some 10 million […]

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Foreign exchange student at University of Hawaiʻi, Hawaii loses job over lack of job opportunities

Foreign exchange students are reporting widespread job insecurity in the University of Hawaii as they struggle to find employment.Many have not been paid since last year and are currently unable to access their unemployment insurance.According to a new report by the Honolulu Advertiser, nearly half of all foreign exchange students surveyed in January were without […]

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