When ‘I Love China’ is released on Blu-ray, ‘Hollywood’s most important movie’ will be released in US theaters

With the release of “I Love Beijing,” the Chinese language version of the Hollywood film “Hollywoods Most Important Movie,” which will be the only US release of the film, the film will be available on Blu, and it will be a part of the American release.This is the first time a film in the film […]

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How did you get a foreign exchange loan? | The Hill

The Treasury Department is now offering borrowers the option to obtain a loan that is not guaranteed by the U.S. government, an important step toward ensuring that the government doesn’t put borrowers in danger of losing their money, according to a memo obtained by The Hill.The program, dubbed the Foreign Exchange Loan Program, allows borrowers […]

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The Worst Show on Earth is Back! – IGN TV

A new documentary called The Worst Spot on Earth tells the story of two Australian men who were forced to watch a horror film on their televisions, only to discover they had been watching a different horror film, only this time, it was not based on the same source.In the wake of the recent spate […]

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